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I think you misspoke, "purely for growing food and rearing livestock" includes both growing human food and livestock feed when I think you only meant growing livestock feed.


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Same here, that's why it's important to share your plans in pretty good detail ahead of time. If anything happens it will only take maybe a day or 2 to be found on a day hike trail. One thing that works well with your phone is downloading maps as a backup. Depending on your phone/ the conditions you can still locate yourself via GPS without service and use an app like (free) or download on all trails( not free I think) to help with getting turned around. The only thing you wouldn't be able to do at that point is send out an sos but search and rescue would be sent by the person you told your plans to, just with a bit of a delay.


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Unless you are going deep into the Backcountry for a few that is pretty decent. As long as you are telling people your plan you should only need to stabilize and hold tight where you are for a few nights at most. I only really use my satellite phone as a locator beacon and only on longer trips in more remote/ foreign places.


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I also second the in reach mini 2. Worked well on my 4 day trip in NH this year. I was able to pretty reliably send updates to my family although I wouldn't use it if you wanted to use the automatic tracking intervals because I don't think it has the battery for that on longer trips. I would just send updates when taking a break or if I were to need to change my route I set up a way to let them know and could send more frequent updates.


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It has been a while so I might have misremembered but waving your arms over your head means help, making an x means you require medical assistance, making a Y means yes, and making an N with one arm up and one down means no. So if it is a situation where rescuers are mistaken you can signal that you don't need help