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Okay, I didn't clarify. Doesn't it just seem strange that she's always willing to go near him? I know Tom is an emotional guy.

It's just Summer, she's so touchy and feely you know? Like if she sees Tom she'll smile a big smile, they haven't seen each other in a while, she'll mention let's go out for coffee, she asks him to go to a party at her place.She's so willing to be the initiator whenever she sees him. She should know that with a guy like that he takes things personally. You'd think she'd just back off and not see him at least for a while so he could get his mind together. Like who invites an ex to a party who you know is emotional, probably to just break the news to them that you're engaged? The kinda person Tom is who is so "romantic like" wouldn't like something like that.

And even at the end of the movie... she's trying to hold his hand, look into his eyes. She's so open. I feel sorry for Tom. Because during the whole movie he was led to believe that love wasn't this and that. And then near the end of the movie Summer says "oh yeah actually I fell in love, you were right"


Please tell me I have a point about this😭😭