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That's pretty cool! Anyone who is capable of admitting that is pretty dang cool in me book. That's not easy :)

Also I can't stop laughing at your comment; I've never heard someone use "age is just a number" in a positive, non creepy way before lol


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No, and nobody is saying that. They did get kinda super screwed over though... I feel like there's more than enough wealth in this country to give them some of what was taken.

I get where you're coming from: you arent directly responsible for that, so why should you have to pay for it? I'm not sure I have an answer for you other than 'its the right thing to do', as I think you'd probably want help if you were in their shoes. I know I would. All (or most? I don't know) of the people who were directly responsible for it are dead. They can't make it up to them anymore (not would they want to). So if it's going to happen, somebody has to make the sacrifice. Why not us? Let's be real: they're probably never going to get the vast majority of what was taken, so it seems like the right thing to do to help where we can..

To put that all in terms of money (this is gonna feel real gross): helping people develop a better life is almost always good for the economy. People who are dying don't stimulate the economy. Happy, healthy, thriving people do. That wasn't very fun at all!


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Only if I can play bass, because I dont know how to play any of the other instruments.

I also dont know how to play bass, but that has never really been a prerequisite for being a bassist.