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But nobody wants to address the problem. Try to mention reducing consumption on reddit. You'll be downvoted to oblivion. People want large companies to cut emissions without realizing that this would directly impact their ability to buy more shit whenever they feel like. It's always someone else's problem.


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Plants already exist that pull carbon out of the air. However they're highly inefficient and extremely expensive to run. The headline makes this sound like a startup making big promises to investors while barely having a working model right now. This technology may one day do what it says, but right now it falls very, very short of its promises.


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Uh, companies cannot fire you for striking. That's kind of an important detail. At this point I must assume you're just a kid who never spent a day in the real world. But please do inform yourself for the future. The less you know about your rights and the easier it'll be for the powers that be to strip them.


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>The numbers just don't support carbon capture

But caputalism does. Imagine how much money these companies can make out of government subsidies. It's awesome if you're an investor.


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> So currently we would be spending $1,200 to capture coal that cost $50 to burn.

The way I see it is that this means coal should cost $1,250 per ton. As a society, we're just paying $50 in cash and putting the rest on our credit card. It's time that we wake up and start scaling back because our lifestyle is just unsustainable.