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That's fair. However, I did not ever say normal or consistent, per sé, I just said that it happens. And yes, I made more money washing dishes in the United States 15 years ago than that guy makes playing a professional sport. I truly don't know how he pays his bills. His wife must make a bag.

And to be truly honest, I can start breaking down salaries from the National Basketball Association and Major League Baseball that would make your eyebrows rise. Even Cricket. Not sure where you live but in the United States star players or franchise players make obscene amounts of money. I remember an article that I read about a guy (NFL) not being able to afford his football helmet which the team made him pay for.


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u/Far-Two8659 According to Spotrac, Bournemouth star Zemura is on a weekly wage of just £385. Whereas Ronaldo takes home a reported £515,385 per week. This is a 1,338% difference. Same sport. Premier League. My main point is that the league minimums versus the league maximums very much reflect most capitalist countries in terms of the discrepancy of wage. Not as much by any means, however still slightly reflective.


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No, I watched it. It's boring. Coulda made that 15 min long and compelling. It isn't bad. Sorry we don't agree. Love the program though, and stoked for those kids. I like the tone.