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So while he was playing in the NFL for the Oilers early in his career, I guess he was upset with management, so to get back at them he signed a contract with the World Football League to play with the Houston Texans. After 7 plays, Houston sheriffs walked on to the field to give him the restraining order to prevent him from playing for 2 professional teams. Also I’d say there’s plenty of negative stuff mixed in there too.


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Have probably watched this movie 100 times, one of my kids said they had to go to the bathroom today, and I kept saying “HEY MIKEYYY, GOTTA GO TO THE BATHROOM??” So figured we’d throw it on tonight, and pulled up the IMDB (as one does). Can’t believe I never checked his backstory.


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That’s all I could think. He had a biography written in 1987, complete with a cover photo you’d expect. But I can’t believe there’s not a movie about this - some strange multiverse of Unbroken or Boys in the Boat


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Wish there wasn’t a character limit on the title. He also:

  • had two brothers die from Cystic Fibrosis
  • was made fun of for being a ‘bean pole’, which led to adding muscle and the shot put state championship
  • was cut from his first college team for beating up an Air Force cadet that had hit on his girlfriend, breaking nearly every bone in his face, requiring 8 weeks in the hospital
  • starred in North Dallas Forty while playing for the Raiders
  • posed nude in Playgirl
  • Had his wife try to run him over with a car
  • Had his head coach save his life with CPR after taking a sleeping pill and chasing with beers

Guy somehow lived 5 lives in 38 years