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Impressive but only if completed sans front-facing camera. Otherwise it's cheating.

Also, if you're gonna park like that, you've gotta be comfortable with the fact that there's gonna be some contact when the Jeep goes to leave. Just cause you're the Criss Angel Mindfreak of parking doesn't mean everyone else is going to hold themselves to the same standard.


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What I see here is an unimaginative band-aid solution.

If this was a privately funded volunteer effort, I would be extremely grateful that someone took their own time and money to resolve an issue. But, we’re talking about a taxpayer funded city department. It’s great that someone within that department felt that this problem should be resolved but that doesn’t mean the chosen resolution is beyond reproach.

As far as concrete barriers go, we already have some of those on Kelly Drive, most notably along the Grandstand stretch near the John B. Kelly statue. Adding additional barriers would obviously be more expensive than running some rope along the road but by offering universities, companies, and community organizations the opportunity to “sponsor” stretches of the barrier you can offset a good chunk of the cost while also combating the graffiti that easily accessible concrete invariably attracts. What that would look like is a bigger question but luckily we have a wonderful Mural Arts program in the city that can handle the creative portion of the process. I’m fairly certain a good chunk of the new murals being painted are in-part sponsored by corporations and individuals.

My point with all this isn’t to say that we need to browbeat city departments every time they try to do something. There are clearly a million issues to tackle and a limited budget to do so. But, that doesn’t mean we have to avoid voicing dissatisfaction when a solution comes up very short of the target. Looking at that rope “fence” I can’t help but feel that it’s an ineffective solve that will not serve as much of a deterrent and will:

At best, require very regular maintenance and repair


At worst, be broken quickly and forgotten about.


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I don’t generally like to shit all over the city, particularly not when they actually do something.

But wtf is this?

Have our standards become so comically low that Home Depot rope stakes are the best we can muster to preserve one of the best features of Philadelphia?

How about rumble strips and concrete barriers? The universities and private schools that use the river for crew can contribute and in return they get to paint sections of the barriers. Set aside some barriers for local schools and charities to paint. Sell the remaining ones to the Eagles, Phillies, Comcast, IBEW, B101, and so on.

Now we’re stopping cars from driving on the grass, we’ve got a cool new mural wall that’s representative of the city, and it’s mostly paid for.

Not a perfect idea but it certainly beats this half-assed attempt.


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Snake plant.

Looks cool, easy to maintain. Rotate every few days and don't overwater (once per week is plenty).

You can find one at every plant store in the city. Some spots of note if you want a boutique experience: Urban Jungle, Cultivaire, STUMP. You'll pay more but staff is knowledgeable, plants are generally well cared for, and there's a bunch of cool pots and ceramics to select from. You can also find snake plants at any Home Depot, Lowe's, IKEA if you don't care about that other stuff.

Personal Rec: If you've got a car, head to Living Earth in New Hope. Super friendly, great plants, reasonable prices.


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If you're looking to move into a larger apartment building, you can start looking now. The management company will generally know what apartments will be available for your move-in date even if they aren't listed online. You can have the whole process done 2 months before your actual move-in date.

If you're going for something operated by a private landlord or smaller leasing company, give yourself 2 months to start browsing and really get serious about it in late March. Personally, I'd aim to avoid unnecessary stress and have everything squared away in the first few days of April.


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I figure Wawa pretzels are probably the soft pretzel that people in the Delaware Valley encounter most in their daily goings about. They're far from the best but they are the pretzel that's staring you in the face when you're buying gas, gum, and a Take 5. If you're like me, that's a tough proposition to resist and more often than not, I'm walking out with a pretzel. Once upon a time, I would just scarf that down on the drive to wherever I'm going but now that I'm older and wiser, I toss that pretzel in the microwave oven, add some butter, or mustard, or cream cheese, and I'm having an exponentially better experience.


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Last paragraph nails it! Take the decision out of the driver's hands. If roads are built with pedestrians and cyclists in mind, they will naturally restrict and regulate driver movements. That's also going to make it a lot more frustrating to drive around town which in turn leads to more people walking, cycling, opting for public transit.


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Made my first trip to VT from Philly last month and stayed in the NE Kingdom. Beautiful state, great people. Got to see Lake Willoughby just past peak foliage and it was more stunning than this photo. The dark green and light gray created a much more appealing contrast than these technicolor leaves.

That being said, I can understand the urge to edit photos because they so often fall short of capturing the true beauty of the sights we see. Some things are meant to be seen and experienced in person.


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First job ever was working the register at a West Coast Video & Hope's Cookies in the burbs. Pretty sweet gig. Free rentals, free snacks, lots of characters among the customers and staff, and basically zero oversight. Great way to make a buck back in the day.


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Not CC but I've heard of pro athletes living in those condo towers on the Delaware between Spring Garden and the casino.

Heard the same about the huge building on the Delaware in Queen Village just South of the Moshulu and Chart House.

No clue if that's accurate but it would make sense for rookies and guys who don't expect to be in town for more than a season or two. Easy access to 95, the stadiums, airport, and practice facility in NJ for Sixers players.