Paulchamp56 OP t1_jd5hoiy wrote

I've been through depression, I know what it's like, i belive I can go through it again if that's the case, the thing is, after my ex left me, I became obsessed with psychology, how our brain works, how we can become better as lover, friend, son. I think I have a very clear idea of how people "function", that's why most of the time, I'm like the" psychiatrist " for my friends, I can give great advice, but I won't apply them for myself (ironic). My biggest problem right now is the path that I want to follow and stick to it, I don't want to procrastinate as much as I do now. It's a constant battle with my brain, and I have to take control over it. I wanna thank you for your advice, and at the same time, I hope you have an amazing life