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>If you mean Orkey

Yeah, he was the one I was thinking of.

>Created out of what?

No one knows.

>And why couldn't the other gods destroy Lorkhan's heart, why settle for ripping it out and throwing it down after trying?

Why not destroy Mannimarco? Because they probably can't. Either because they don't have enough power or because they are simply prevented by a natural law or something. It's also possible that they did kill Lorkhan and he only "lives" in the Nordic pantheon. It's heavily hinted that the gods are shaped by whatever religion views them. There's also Lunar Lorkhan.

There's also this: "Shor created the realm of Sovngarde with his clever magic long ago, but the trickster god has faded from our world. [...] He may even rule the realm, choosing heroes to honor according to his whims." from The Road to Sovngarde.


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>That his sphere is mortals

Isn't there a god of mortals already that was worshipped by the Atmorans?

>ancestor spirit of all Nirn.

Nirn was created when he tricked the other gods into creating Nirn. That's why his heart was ripped out. Besides, the rest of the gods' realms are in Aetherius. So is the Hall of Valor, which is Shor's realm.


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>As to what the nature of godhood, Talos' own godhood, its relation with the "planets"

We do kind of know that. When Mannimarco becomes a god at the end of Daggerfall (via the Numidium), he does get a planet, the same as the rest of the Divines. It's not weird that Lorkhan doesn't have a planet, as he was killed. Although you could say that Mannimarco was technically dead too, being a lich.


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Does Lorkhan even have a sphere/identity? He is the god of the dead in Nordic mythology, but Tiber Septim probably believed in Cyrodilic mythology. Also, him becoming Lorkhan would be very "symmetrical" seeing as Lorkhan is the 9th divine.


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Fair. Although I still doubt that somewhat, as apparently "normal" gods can also reshape the world. Or rather the towers can, the original one (the adamantine tower?) was created by the gods.


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>Nope, it gets quoted in Skyrim by Heimskr (the Talos priest preaching in Whiterun)

A part of it does, which might be a reference than actual canon.

>You don't need to take everything in the commentary as truth, but there is little reason to doubt the bit about CHIM and the transformation of Cyrodiil jungles

Provided it isn't written by someone born hundreds of years after Tiber Septim died/became a god/whatever.


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>From The Many-Headed Talos

Isn't that unofficial?

>From the Mythic Dawn commentaries Vol. 3

That's a bit more credible, provided you believe that Markan Camoran (or whatever his name was) is really thousands of years old.

>As to what the nature of godhood, Talos' own godhood, its relation with the "planets" and CHIM vs "true" godhood; well, we just don't have a simple definitive answer.

According to a book, Lorkhan/Shor/Shezarr tried to achieve CHIM but failed.


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The Soviet economy was failing pretty much immediately after WW2. Sure, it was somewhat accelerated by outside powers, but the USSR would have collapsed anyways. Especially seeing as the main reason for its collapse was them conquering every Eastern European and Central Asian country.


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The cold war was both countries trying to get ahead of each other and be ready for a possible war. This didn't have an impact on the general population and there's no evidence (that I know of) of a large and successful destabilisation campaign within the USSR.


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It's almost like communism is impossible to sustain on a scale that involves more than 50 people. Especially if these people are forced into it. The USSR destroyed itself, it had nothing to do with any other country.


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Saying the Belgian government was complicit because they gave him a loan is just idiotic. By all accounts, the Congo Free State was Leopold's personal property. The Belgian parliament not only had no influence or authority there, they had no insight at all to its affairs. This is like saying I'm a murderer if I buy food from South America.