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The way late stage capitalism works is basically like those comical snowballs going down a hill and getting bigger and bigger.

There is a disproportionate amount of money. And Im not talking about that person who owns part of a town and has tens of million of dollars… Im talking about the ultra rich. Look back into what people like John Rockefeller did…. He crafted the school system to prevent people from really working for themselves and instead wanted people to work for him. People like that craft an entire society into what they want so they can reap the benefits.

Its a late stage capitalism is a sad system when you look at it. We are not far from the dystopian futures they show in movies.


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So wait.. as in the house is used simply as a line on an asset page - without generating income? Its one thing to own a $250K house rented at $1500 a month and say “thats a 250K asset producing $1500 a month…” its another thing to buy that same house and say “its a $300K asset” - and let it set empty. Sounds great on paper. But at some point these houses need to get off loaded to produce cash somehow. If nothing else when the boomers die off there will be a housing surplus - one that ‘buying a shit ton of empty houses to inflate prices’ will not be able to fix. If you only have a population of 275 million, but 500 million homes in the country…. Something doesn’t add up.

Sounds like we found ourselves the next Ponzi scheme if thats the case.


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Im so tired right now I read your comment as “I also keep wine on the counter…. use it in our coffee…”. I was thinking to myself “hmm… I wonder what wine they are using to pair with their coffee?”

I need to get off reddit and get some sleep. 😴


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Actually thats rather concerning. Its one thing to have “no tolerance” where you prosecute for even ‘minor’ offenses such as a single slap. Its another thing to prosecute for yelling or screaming where violence didn’t happen.

Interesting for sure. Not saying CA is great. There is indeed its fair share of domestic violence. But its not ok to basically fake a charge and prosecute on that.