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Any way you want to look at it, there is no adequate explanation of the people of Nod. Adam and eve created 2 offspring, Cain and Abel; Both males. There is no other mention of any other people on the planet, just those 4 people (unless you count Lilith which opens a whole other can of worms). Abel gets killed by Cain who goes to live with THE PEOPLE of Nod. That is the Biblical account based on the Abrahamic religions (Christianity, Judaism and Islam). I've had long theological discussions with multiple clergy over this and the honest ones say they have no answer. It's not like it's the only flaw in the scriptures about Creation. It's just one I like to point out to the zealots.


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Ok, So Adam and Eve birthed and raised Cain and Able. Cain killed Able and was cast out to live with the people of Nod (the land of Nod). So that bears the question of.... Where did those other people come from?