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i doubt they are rigged. but too many games are decided by a referee's interpretation of a rule. too many reviews. it happens in the playoffs, too. it just cheapens the game. close games are almost always decided by a borderline flag.

there's just too much referee involvement in the game, IMO.


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Most drivers are goddamn morons and respect no rules whatsoever. That's the real reason we don't have flying cars. big difference flying up curbs into walls at 40 mph than into the roofs (rooves?) of houses with children in it at 300mph.

Only when it can take off, obey rules all by itself, with no manual override, will we have flying cars.

because drivers are stupid.


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ok. that's fair. and to be fair to my point, it doesn't sound like you've had long enough history working in small business, which might not be your fault. i think your experience isn't typical.

how many Fed Ex little league baseball fields, or Amazon sponsored local parades do you know of? in my towns, local businesses do a lot for the community. Many people work good jobs and fair pay and hours.

but i don't disagree there are less than stellar examples out there, like everything else. sorry to hear about your story, because small business is so important to the middle class.


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what small business did you work for??

i grew up working in my family's small retail business, knowing all the other small businesses in town; and small business does far more for customers, employees, and community than Huge Corp 9/10


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> the cavern remained roughly unchanged for 100 years on the land of John Coffey.

my mind immediately went to Michael Clarke Duncan, who played one of my all-time, ALL-TIME favorite movie characters. RIP Michael.

PS... thanks for posting this OP, i thought i knew a lot of interesting PA facts and this blew me away!


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haha! sorry to hear that but it's on brand.

since visiting Italy, whenever i'm in a European touristy area, i lock my backpack and keep my wallet/passport in a satchel like thing under my clothes. Not that all of Europe is bad, but i find myself in touristy areas and pickpockets are more prevalent than they are here at home.


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the styrene content (part that dries) in epoxies varies but at most is like usually like 40%. that's for resin epoxies, not epoxy paints. i think there's less drying agent in paints?

either way, if you figure on 10-16lbs for enamels and epoxies wet... i would make an educated guess that 2/3 of the weight remains after its dry. And oddly-- darker colors can be up to 25% heavier than white (extra pigment).

i would guess a warplane has a couple hundred pounds of paint on it, at least.


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wow. they... don't use latex wall paint on airplanes.

and... the paint they actually do use, is enamels and epoxies... which are heavier per gallon.

this says it can require up to 1100kg of paint (i'll let you convert it)