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There's a lot of difficult stuff on the internet. It's a weird feeling to turn it off. Like you're going to have some serious FOMO. But if you are strong enough to choose... It's actually very easy to focus on positive things in your environment or change your environment. When you try to take on the world's problems by yourself, it becomes like being stuck in mud.

That being said, pursue a passion that gives you a sense of ethical responsibility. If that can be done in fields that help the world get better, we will all love you for it. But you will never be as good at what you're doing without a serious obligation or passion. So in that regard, please sleep on this until there is no doubt it's what you want. We don't half assed people working on these issues, for obvious reasons.

There is still a lot of good around you. Have some hope, and move forward.


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Well I would just ask you to look around. Do you feel like people aren't acting crazy by media influence already? Whether you're up or down on the political spectrum you must have felt like there is some kind of radical group out there who is buying into a bunch of lies..

And ya. People in charge right now probably spend most of their resources and thinking on how to prevent people with lots of resources from threatening them. It's why we don't make as much progress as we should. It's like being handed infinite power but all of it must be used simply to maintain control of it. Not even a second to waste on trying to do something good with it. You're talking about handing equal opportunity for all people and all cultures with no guarantee they won't take over the power in the long run. Oppression is by design right now. They manufacture starvation to force people to work hard and keep the power they have. I know you and I would both strive to make a world like that. We sound like pretty progressive thinkers. Of course we want equality, healthcare, no poverty, housing for all, etc. We just need to find a way to unite globally and work together. The numbers should still be in our favor ✌️


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There's an equilibrium point coming. Automation will replace so much human function. A massive job shortage could occur that leads to what? Socialized programs to keep people sustained? On who's dime? Just enough mind control to make people passive towards a new standard of living that is inhumane. Think about what it would be like if the powerful were given a choice basically to create an entire world and future with only their own favorite people and cultures. World war has been a stalemate since nukes were mass produced. Mind control may be the only way forward without destroying the entire planet.


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My guy. Have you read 1984? Well after reading that I realized something: there is no dystopian hell too barren human nature won't eventually take us...

That means anything you can think of, no matter how bad, it's likely to happen at some point. Human history goes through extremely long periods of suffering at the hands of each other.

It's a mental war of cultures which occurs as all our minds get closer to a single collective consciousness. The internet brought everyone together in a way that may have been too extreme and too fast. It's a clash beyond reason. The uncovering of such drastically different ideals so suddenly has blown all hiding places out of the water.

The powers that be have all released their maximum propaganda strategies all over the world creating mass psychosis and even hypnosis. It's not even difficult.

Humans have a fight or flight mode that activates as part of our bodies' survival characteristics. When we're in that mode we are predictable like animals. How do you activate fight or flight mode? Fear and/or anger.

I mean ridiculously easy for the people who make the rules. Just increase monetary pressure, identity politics, race battles, gender battles, etc.

They have everything they need to play puppet master. Even starting international war can be strategy just to influence the mother land.

Now imagine. Can you really say that there is no way a human or group of humans could be so unethical that they wouldn't literally put everyone's brains under mass control/surveillance/influence maybe even activate fight or flight like a button?

Have fun with Jeff Bezos in your head.

-some whacko red pill conspiracy theorist (lol so dumb)


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How big is the storage requirement though? I don't know if I have an accurate perspective on what's beyond terabytes. That's like describing light years to me. Good luck.

It seems like we already unlocked some incredible speed technology recently with quantum computers. That was many magnitudes beyond the standard deviation. Whatever the cutting edge is on quantum computing and AI research must be combining the two.

Yes it's all crazy to us as consumers, but don't worry. We're in a capitalistic world. Whoever brings it to consumers first gets all the money lmao. They will be so stupid rich as well. I wonder if the people who should work with AI will be the ones who get there first.


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While I understand the applications are limitless, the general usefulness of stuff is pretty obvious. For example, energy and fusion was a great answer. That might be one of the most important ones. Obvious other ones would be transportation, defense, communication, computing, pharma, manufacturing, culture, politics...

I'm less interested in how it can be applied to every industry, but since I'm jumping in on a "conversation" I guess what's most relevant is what makes you excited about this. That's definitely not clear to me yet.