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Well to be fair, the act of weaving is specifically for making tiny strips into long ropes. Maybe they just need a super small weaver?

Also, carbon nanotubes have utility beyond being cables.


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This could probably be done without machine learning... but why bother? Machine learning is great!

I did something similar once, but I wrote code to turn the waveforms into composite images, then just ran those through an image classifier since all I had to do was repurpose a previous object recognition project that used Keras.

Tons of ways this can be done, just experiment!


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That's some good advice. I'm more interested in doing similar work in a green tech field, so I guess I'll focus more on the SWE skills. I don't necessarily want to limit the scope of what I apply to just yet. I'm sure if I poke around and pretend like I can't do my job otherwise, I can get some funding allocated to an IRAD project just for me. Should be able to swing a "mock cloud infrastructure for future ML/AI development." Plus, it'll probably help them out in the long run. The gov is both incredibly long and short sighted sometimes. "We want AI, it's the future, we want to invest in it for the next two decades" along with "wait, you need computers to do AI?"

I'm not excited about staying where I am for that long, but that whole "write your own ticket" part might be worth the time.


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I guess I'm just not sure where my market is. This job was literally called "Machine Learning Engineer," and their description had all the things I was looking for. Not sure if it was a bait and switch or if I need to be looking for certain terms or job titles.


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Not really aiming at big tech. I guess I should have clarified that, my mistake. If you know MLOps, you know stuff like Apache Spark, Databricks, etc are part of the ML pipeline. I agree, it isn't very ML, but that's what they keep asking for.


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Eh, I've had 3 interviews so far and that's what they want. I've got lots of experience with data wrangling, model development, etc, but I keep hitting that wall of, "we use AWS and need someone to help with the production side of things."

I'm signed up for a lot of training courses, specifically GCS and AWS, so maybe I'll have more luck once I've completed them. There's still the issue of getting practical experience, but I'll figure it out at some point.


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I've been doing ML work for the government in a research position. I've been trying to break out and get into commercial ML, but not having CI/CD and cloud experience is basically gatekeeping me. I can't get away from the military and into green tech no matter what I do. Very frustrating.