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Seems like a scary precedent to say that all websites/apps and their users are subject to laws in every jurisdiction in which those websites are available publicly.

Would the executives at Twitter have to be afraid to fly into China cause users have posted Tweets about Xi looking like Winnie the Pooh? Should I be afraid to fly into China because I just made that comment?


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Yup as a complete obsessive fan, this is correct. It's a fantastic show, production value and writing was only overshadowed by sopranos and the wire. BUT...Duchovny leaving really wasn't healthy, Robert Patrick is a legend, but the real magic was the dynamic between Duchovny and Gillian Anderson combined with Chris Carters writing.

And huge shout out to Mark Snows compositions, music was huge part of the show


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Robots can already play instruments, robots already build circuit boards, robots can already paint pictures.

Admittedly they need pre-programming, but general purpose AI is the solution to that problem, and we're very close

Edit. lol why downvote ?

robot playing violin

robot building complex circuit boards (admittedly this is different to installing electronics in someones home, but on paper it's actually more complicated)

robot painting a picture


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Reply to comment by VincentGrinn in Hoonigan by Jack_MeHoff_01

Shout out to the engineers/mechanics who put that car together, cause that fucken 2nd jump.... any car that can handle that without breaking an axle is an absolute monster


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Oh I 100% agree it's more powerful than a google search, I'm a dev and I use it every day to save me sifting through StackExchange results. I'm just pointing out to the haters that it's not that different from Googling information, it just saves you converting the results to a coherent / salient argument


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> fuck all of you over

So are they supposed to pay their developers in people's charity?

edit. lol Reddit is all about fair wages until it comes to a service they're enjoying, that they want to keep using for free.....

They have huge hardware costs, lots of very high skilled employees etc...