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Using the terms Gay and Regarded in those ways is derogatory, that's why they're "censored" for use in that way.

You're not empathetic. One day you will be and realise how bad you were, everyone goes through it at some point, just others take longer to develop.


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Sorry posted this before work, it was just wholesome, we all danced, his parents came over and thanked us for looking out for him in the pub and being his friend. Him and his friend then put on a dance show and yeah, it was just the Michael Scott wholesome meme the whole night, no dramas like other family gatherings and such aha.


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Had a person with down syndrome visit a pub I worked at regularly, he would tell us all these mad stories that he was going to move to America and marry a spice girl and he was always cheerful and made jokes. Anyway, one day he invited about 8 of us that regularly spoke to him to his 40th birthday party, and to this day I have not enjoyed a party more. Hope you're doing well Alex!