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Leave super early, get there early and be bored in the hospital cafeteria and be assured that you're not going to miss the procedure. I'd rather be early and bored than put the scheduled event at risk. To me that would mean leaving no later than 7:00.


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I'd probably lean more toward Back Bay, as there's more "stuff" to walk to and it's just a cool area to walk around. Seaport is nice but may be a bit sterile for some folks (and you've probably seen some of the restaurants in the airport on the way here.)


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I know one of the managers and asked them the same thing a while back.

If you are there to buy a lot of items then you wait in the corral outside the store.

They are "gifts" for friends back home, It has nothing to do with gift cards purchased with stolen credit cards and then the items are sold for cheap. Not at all.

According to the store manager there's nothing they can do about it.


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I haven't found much in NH (unless you are OK with gas station Chester Fried Chicken)

If you find yourself in MA then Bonchon is excellent (Korean double-fried chicken). Flip the Bird has great fried chicken sandwiches too.