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Humans aren't social and use fire to repel insects... nor does being social or in a group stop an insect? Arachnaphobia doesn't go away cause people don't want bit? People are scared of bees where unless your allergic it does nothing, people are scared of ants for the same reason. Cats are scared of snakes because snakes are silent. Snakes feed on cats when possible considering a ton of snakes couldn't eat a full grown cat. I get what your saying it's just in practice, my kid isn't scared of spiders. I am almost not scared of spiders, is that because evolution? No I learned how to deal with spiders and stopped being scared (ironically same with bees, just don't bother them and they don't bother you)


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Humans avoiding animals that kill them is not innate, you never seen a little kid get near deadly snakes? It's something that's taught by the parent because the parent knows.

Humans have always been problematic to other humans that's prolly the silliest thing you've said. Humans are rather territorial specially in the days when every scrap mattered, killings used to be a lot more common.

To the last part yes and no. A spider bite could get infected and kill someone back then yes. Just like an infected tooth and look how that's gone. Evolution doesn't work like that. Evolution doesn't cause people to be scared of spiders. Your mom screaming spider while burning the house down causes fear of spiders. That shits learned behavior not evolution