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Oh woah I'm so stupid I didn't even think House Of Change would be a real novel, nevertheless yours! It's funny because I wrote on this sub once, and it did pretty well actually, I was blown away by how much people liked it. But anyway, it was also a prompt related to a story and I included references to my actual aspired story in it. So hey, great minds think alike, I guess, lmao.

Maybe I should start responding to prompts myself. Gonna have a lot of free time today, if I'm actually feeling up to it I might try.

What is House Of Change about? I really liked your style in this so maybe once it's out I'll actually finally buy a new book for the first time in a million years :')


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No sweat! Thanks for putting this out into the world, it was fun to read and honestly pretty inspiring for someone like me who really eats sleeps and breaths writing but never actually does it, BUT WANTS TO. But a good story like this in such a short space? Makes me feel like I can start small and still amount to something ^^


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Holy fuck, I rarely take notice of the prompts and its even rarer for me to read the whole thing. I'm so glad this was the exception. This has got to be one of the best stories I've ever read on this sub. It was really fucking creepy in a way that horror rarely ever hits me. It goes up there with that story where Death becomes known as Life, the story about the Skips, and the story about not looking at the Moon, as far as impact goes. Awesome story!!! I aspire to be this good of a writer.