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Do you genuinely feel as if your government is doing everything they can to ensure your safety with your best interest in mind in regards to transportation/infrastructure issues, healthcare issues, environmental issues? Our Commonwealth has been very lax as of late with a lot of these things & it’s somehow a “clown take” to say that the Gov of the Commonwealth might have an interst in making sure no spotlight falls on Harrisburg!?


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I mean, that’s one comment. Moreover, we shouldn’t forget the lack of oversight & pressure upon NFS to manage its lines here in PA to a higher degree. There is obvious negligence, which is what I’m hoping this person is referring. We need to avoid this happening again, here in PA. I don’t oppose testing like this.. in fact I love it, but a lot of what Shapiro (and many politicians) have done here is basically put on a show to prove how it wasn’t their fault. Regardless of any of that, this “team” mindset I see just constantly is gross. It’s like each of your “groups” views the other as some lower form of being. Get over yourselves.