Pentakles t1_j9u3ma6 wrote

The weekend always means the most work for me, so I'm ready for Monday to arrive! I'm grateful to have steady work when it seems most have to have more than one job just to get by now.

Over the next few days I have to start roughing out two different five course pairing dinners and a warm weather menu change. It'll be a happy type of busy.


Pentakles t1_iydil1l wrote

Rainy days are my favorite and I hate having to be an adult on these days! I just wanna make a blanket pallet and hang out with my cats by the big window.

Work has been weird and I kinda wish I didn't have to go in today. The GM pulled me aside yesterday and told me that he understood if I was looking for another job and I don't know how it made me feel. I know he didn't say it to convince me to leave, but like, have a little faith in everyone else?? I think he's scared of losing an experienced employee and is trying to save a bridge, but I wasn't thinking about moving. Restaurants always go through some shit. This is just another drama wave that will pass.

I'll probably listen to Matchbox 20 today. If you don't like Rob Thomas, fight me.


Pentakles t1_iy3yv4l wrote

Hiring line cooks at 18$ an hour, so pretty average if you're looking for someone who's more than just a pair of hands. I'm unsure about other positions, though.

Edit: I forgot! One of their perks is inclusive health insurance. I haven't put eyes on the whole plan, but it's supposed to just be part of your employment and no cut from your check. I haven't seen it in action, so we have to wait and see.


Pentakles t1_ixv8q26 wrote

Is it rude if I ask about management and employee treatment?? I know a few people who have applied and at least two who start next week. They all seem very positive about the job but something about all of the details make me feel like it might not be everything that they're promising. Maybe I'm just jaded?

I don't wanna shit on my friends opportunities but if i can give them a heads up about anything, ya know???


Pentakles t1_ixskygm wrote

Today has been kind of a wash. Boss didn't believe pretty much the entire experienced staff telling her that we're never busy the day after the holiday, so we're staffed to the gills looking at two tables.

Only three more hours of service and then I can go have a ham sandwich. (:


Pentakles t1_iug4p72 wrote

Food service is tough work. If you got a ride, looking into OSI restaurants like Bonefish, Carrabbas, Outback might be it. They pay their line cooks fair and if you can reliably tell which end of a set of tongs is the clicky side you'll be set. I know people who have worked for that company for almost twenty years and tbh even though it hurt my pride a little bit, it bailed me out when covid hit so 🤷‍♀️

And hey, I get it if you don't wanna do food anymore. It'll at least get you through the holidays.


Pentakles t1_iu0bgq3 wrote

Thursday crowds are the worst at work, but those are still manageable. Yesterday I made donuts for everyone, but haven't decided what I'll do today. We have a party of 30, but I could still make a sweet potato or pecan pie in-between.

I like seeing how happy a big piece of pie or a brownie makes a coworker on a crummy day. Plus, Halloween weekend deserves some sweets!


Pentakles t1_isxtn1z wrote

Thank you for taking the time to talk about the difference between nice and kind. I feel very much the same, especially as someone who also not given the 'nice' name often.

Don't expect me to coddle you over something pointless, but don't ever let me know you didn't have dinner. I will fight you to take care of you.