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The most honest mechanic I’ve used is Fritz’s Car Care. There have been occasions when I was convinced my car needed an expensive repair (sometimes after having been told that by another mechanic) and Fritz told me it was a simple, inexpensive fix. It got to the point that I told him to fix everything that made sense, and he would still call before fixing it to to discuss with me the things that need to be fixed right away and those that could wait. He once even told me to stop bringing one of my cars to him because it wasn’t worth fixing anymore, even though he could have continued to repair it and get paid. Definitely a stand-up guy.


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Congratulations on getting in to see your neurologist! It only took me six months to see mine to confirm I have idiopathic peripheral neuropathy and that nothing can be done for it. Yay me. He also referred me to a rheumatologist that I can't see until November. What in the heck is up with these long lead times to see a doctor?


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I dunno. Maybe because people don't know the expression "fish or cut bait" means "stop dilly-dallying and make a decision"? I wasn't taking a stand for or against funding a new stadium or supporting baseball in Richmond. I would just like the city to decide one way or the other and do something. At this point the $3.5 million is wasted money that could have been better spent on a new stadium if the city wanted to make professional baseball in Richmond a priority, or conversely, on schools or other civic needs.

I don't particularly care which way the city goes. Baseball is fine and I enjoy it. Schools have critical needs and teachers should be better paid. I just hate wasting limited funds because they can't make up their minds.