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If you’re working for the state and get Covid there’s an active effort to downplay it. Sick people are sent home to work with the expectation of working through it remotely or else. A lot of actively sick people had to describe themselves as merely exposed.


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OP can you please share your clothing size? Shoe size? I am not able to offer a place to stay, but I can find some things to help make life a little easier while you get back on your feet.


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Whole household was sick for a month with RSV. Picked up from someone who works in state government, where it’s been running rampant, along with Covid. Thank God they’ve been opening all meetings with Christian prayers! It’s definitely made a difference in people in state gov getting Covid and RSV.


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My family and I did a side by side comparison for three of the most popular bagel places in town: Chewy’s, Nate’s, and Cupertino’s. All everything bagels, all toasted, all tried first plain, then with cream cheese.

Results were 100% unanimous: Chewy’s bagels were the absolute best, followed by Nate’s, then Cupertino’s. But that said, they were ALL good, and until then, Cupertino’s had been our favorite.

I haven’t tried anything besides a toasted bagel with cream cheese at Chewy’s and Nate’s, but I have had a sandwich at Cupertino’s. I am a big fan of their chicken salad on an everything bagel in particular. I strongly recommend this place!