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They're going to ban the hell out of this app and a lot of people are about to suffer some losses.

Tik Tok is the best platform for influencers. It's been paying the best and is steady. It's more focused on search. By result it's the easiest platform to grow any form of business on, whatsoever.

The alternative to Tik Tok is paying Meta for it's blue check mark system on IG, being in an app that doesn't emphasize search at all, and doesn't pay.

It's going to be a major win for Meta at everyone's expense.


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He means war between Palestine and Israel, not war between Jordan and Israel. Jordan will never war with Israel again and you outlined the reasons why.

But you should add in that: war may also expose king of Jordan as being a national loser and fraud. He'll avoid war forever by result, there's nothing to gain.

Peace with Saudi Arabia probably exists under the table now. Only thing a treaty would do is announce it louder.


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The nation of Jordan exists with a king because the British wanted a king there, so long as the King would grant BP some oil rights.

I'm not sure there's really a plethora of people who are pro-monarchy, but apparently it works fine enough day to day that the people don't revolt and the US/Brits don't attempt to put a democracy there.

It's like, very literal. The Hashemites cut a deal with the British as Britain sacked the former Ottoman Empire, leading to that state being a near colony.


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Well yes, it is. But the Palestinians also believe in some straight from the book horseshit about Islam's third holiest site in the Dome of the Rock, so we get to see eternal struggle between two groups claiming mandates from god until they decide enough's enough or make it so the other doesn't exist.

Truly fun discussion.


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The events this year in Jenin and the West Bank suggest there's definitely interest in such a thing, particularly with the fact that that group there is nearly areligious and not really an ideological faction but interested nonetheless in harming Israelis.

It has been a disastrous year for the Palestinians, which is saying something.


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He's giving a warning -- conflict will continue with Netanyahu. He's had nearly 15 years of being in power concurrent with Netanyahu, to make the assessment.

He's also responding to Hamas propaganda -- any push to limit Palestinian access to their holy sites will push the conflict to war, which... is true. As that's what led to the war the last time and this is specifically what Hamas is pushing, as they continue to try and make a bid to kick out Fatah in the West Bank.


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Ethnically cleanse?

Umm Jordan is a state run by Arab people. There's no ethnic difference between a Palestinian and a Jordanian outside some regional cultural things. There's lots of Palestinian people living normal lives in Jordan.

Being a "Palestinian" at all is a reference to a political term, the refugees of the 1948 war were referred to as "Arabs."

Also, your history is wrong -- Arafat attempted assassination before Black September occurred. Black September happened because Arafat tried to kill the king of Jordan twice, and the end result was a civil war that then led Arafat's fighters to travel across borders, eventually sparking war in Syria and in Lebanon.

Interesting history but if you think it's an ethnic cleanse, akin to genocide, or whatever Israel is doing now, it's not. Not at all.