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Completely disagree. Ultimately we still live under capitalism. If humanity comes up with another way maybe this quote won't mean as much.

The world requires a blood sacrifice from us all. We can either sculpt that sacrifice in a way that it is beneficial to us, or the world will take from us in whatever way is most beneficial to it.


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I don't usually do this but I'm gonna follow you. Actually I've never done that, maybe poppinkream or something but he had his own subreddit so who knows.

Anyway I really like how you mentally organize this in relation to the quote. We are all on a predetermined path determined by different forces converging to create this "river" of fate, only deciding your own path using your sentience will allow you to deviate from it. But that's a choice (and a challenge), it's okay to just flow like water. Not everyone has the strength to swim for the shore, but we should try to enjoy the view nonetheless.

Hell, for all we know the ones who deviate could be predetermined anyway. #followthewhiterabbit


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Pretty close!! The only difference is flac is an audio format and I don't know if you're aware but mpeg-2 is a video format, so it's slightly different. Try not to downvote!

Sorry 'try not downvote' is a game I like to play sometime, kinda like those try not to sing along playlists. Everyone thinks they can just not but then when the moment comes it just takes one little click to show me how much I'm getting on your nerves and should just shut up.

Edit: haha I'm winning so much


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Yeah I get it. For me, the biosphere is always ranked above humanity in importance (since it is what we are and what we depend on). Ultimately I am more concerned about the precedent this would set. Earth is extremely overpopulated and we are bound to live in places that the earth would rather reclaim. Not trying to minimize the importance of human life, just saying human life isn't more important than earth life.


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>We cause the extinction of dozens of animal species (about 150) literally every day

Precisely. Humanity is a disaster. I understand and appreciate your argument, and you may be right. But for me it is never okay to genocide a species. As far as I'm concerned it's nature trying to reclaim a bit of space for itself.


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I'm not taking lives lightly. I think some here are taking the fragility and interconnectedness of ecosystems lightly. We can guess, but we can't know the ramifications of taking actions like this.


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Not true, but that doesn't take anything away from it. Everyone's lives are full of highs and lows that aren't as clear cut as a loved one dying or anything you can chop out like that. Bob had a Buddhist kind of philosophy. He understood the nature of his suffering and even if he was depressed or things weren't going his way he always looked for the silver lining. With this mindset you can overcome anything.