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I love moving cities and still being close to a Petsmart and Target. I don't love how capitalism capitalizes on labor rather than values people; profits are unpaid worker's wages.


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Well too bad for them because democracy is not to vote how people live their private lives. We need more socialism some places and more libertarianism some places. And no death penalty ever. Some people deserve life in prison; no government deserves the right to kill. These "Christians" involved is mob revenge murder make me sick. Witch hunt death penalty is literally what killed Jesus.


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Socialized education that prioritizes experience: a person move from medical assistant, to nurse, to doctor. It's perfectly fine for doctors to be fiercely competitive; not fine for them to be capitalist monsters selling treatments rather than providing cures.

Socialize emergency Healthcare because negotiation under duress is extortion. Let people have free hospital stays to recover; only cost being the time they take away from their work.

Free the drug market for safer recreational drugs and cheaper medicinal drugs. Let people not in hospital decide for themselves what's medicine and pay for it themselves.


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I really hope I don't live to see a nuclear war: either die in the first bomb or it just not happen. The world uniting against a common threat would be one way to do it. But are people really so terrible that we can't see any threat if it's not a foreign threat? What about domestic threats like politicians who lie and people who don't have enough self respect to demand the truth?


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Let's say we socialize education for equal opportunity to earn privilege; move healthy competition from companies to individuals, from schools to teachers. Teachers bettering each other and the world all over the world would be world peace. Because peace is fair competition in a trustworthy system.


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America: a country without aristocracy has made successful businessmen their aristocracy; no matter how they made their money because the toxic positivity likes to insist the system is perfect and only rewards good works. Enter Donald Trump who never did anything other than inherit, lie, cheat, and steal; enter neofeudalism.


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One of my ex boyfriends was Russian: a literal refugee who fled to America after his father literally tried to murder him.

I would say all of Putin's power is based on racism and chauvinism. He's got the people thinking Russian is a race and got them pretending nationalism is something other than just plain old racism.

The world definitely needs more women leaders because chauvinism is just toxic masculinity in politics; oh it's right for him to use protecting others as excuse to be violent because that "what men do".

Maybe he doesn't literally murder gays but he murders political adversaries because he's just an evil king who's got people too depressed to ban behind an adversary who could defeat him.

America has too many freedoms. The fools here are all armed to the teeth with way too many guns and thinking the right to kill is more important than the right to live. The country of idealized vigilante justice and realized mass murder.

Too depressed for activism is not unique to Russia; here we just accept monthly school shootings as the norm because big money politics is more interested in gun sales than the safety of school children.


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You're definitely Russian: "everything is shit and the only hope is to have no hope".

Over here we've got Bernie Sanders, AOC, Pete Buttigieg: there's plenty of people I'd love to have lunch with and thank them for their selfless civil service.

I'm a globalist with global views; I'm not proud to be American. But I am thankful at least I'm not Russian. Especially as a gay man. I definitely would have been murdered for being more proud of being gay than proud of my country.

This is me being polite. If I thought you were worthless I'd show it by ignoring you and/or blocking you. That's what online life teaches: the opposite of love is not hate; it's indifference. I do love the occasional Russian. American ignorant optimism is annoying I love the rough, bleak realism some Russians have. I just have no love at all for the Russian fascist government or its evil dictator who murders gays for sport.


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Opinions are like assholes: everyone has them; only the gays know how to use them.

Expressing judgments I'm 100% sure of is just me doing self care by being selfish enough to speak my truth rather than just echo your expectations.

Don't even try to fight with me about politics if you come out assuming I care for USA any more than I have to. USA is a terrorist government with a terrorist death penalty that executes innocent people often enough to have the whole government cursed. But at least we're not currently subject to a dictator tyrant who's trying to colonize neighboring countries to try and get his soft old man dick hard.

I kill a chicken and let the blood fall on the head of Vladimir Putin. Curse him and all his evil minions.