PhAiLMeRrY t1_j0nuwp3 wrote

Absolutely, I could not agree more. OP is projecting and guess what... he is EXACTLY the type of POS who IS going to turn into a fat useless blob and fade away.. doesn't appreciate anything for the sake of it's beauty, only it's value and reward.

AI isn't the problem, UBI isn't the problem, Hell even the rich and powerful aren't the problem..

The true evil in this world is the value system OP is projecting.


PhAiLMeRrY t1_j0nuinh wrote

This doomer needs to listen to more Jaque Fresco..

What an absurd and naive notion... I learn skills every day, and I share my work with NO ONE. I sell nothing and I am driven by cognitive and spiritual growth, not approval.

You are projecting and need to get your motivations in order.

Go watch Wall-e and rub one out.