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Thanks friend… it’s kind of been a big fuck you from life lately but we have lots of family support and doing our best. I just pray it’s not the one two punch that happens sometimes when married couples lose a partner and the other follows shortly after. It’s going to be a rough time either way but there are so many people that have to deal with this - I’m just lucky I’m 38 and I’ve had them in my life that whole time.


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It’s crazy my Dad has had Leukemia for 8 or so years now??? Maybe a bit longer? It constantly comes back but he did an experimental treatment at Dana Farber when he was diagnosed and he’s the only 1/300 people still alive. My mom is not doing quite so well with throat cancer - currently on her 2nd round of chemo and it’s really not looking good. It’s pretty adorable watching my leukemia dad take care of my cancer mom… but damn the big C can go suck a bag of dicks.

Watched the Fungi documentary on Netflix recently - was amazed to hear that there are some mushrooms out there that can fight back against cancer - or more accurately - amplify your defenses exponentially.


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Totally fair - I overlooked the potatoe because I know for sure the origins of jerk chicken and I wasn’t aware the greens are actually from Africa but the only folks I know who talk about them where I’m from are black. It was crass of me but now I get to learn more about what I’m commenting on so thank you


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Fair enough… I literally had no clue what they were. Apparently there is also dandelion recipes that are similar? I just got a kick out the kid I asked - his family was hilariously southern - like his grandma used to make sweet potato pies which I don’t really ever see from the northerners I’ve been around my entire life. He was literally looking at me like - I can’t believe you don’t know greens… and I was looking at him like - I can’t believe you think I have any idea what you’re talking about.


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Nah I’m not about sweeping shit under the rug - it’s what I thought of right away and if it’s racist then I’m willing to own that. I love my dark skin friends - but we all say dumb shit - so if it’s not funny or not true I might be an ass but better to find out sooner then later


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As a northern white - am I wrong? I didn’t even know what collard greens were until I was in my mid 20s. I even asked a southern black kid to explain it to me (because that’s what he told me he requested be part of his birthday dinner) he just said ‘you know … greens.’ I was like alright yeah I have no idea what he’s talking about so I’ll figure it out on my own.


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Oh they were the lucky ones (who died immediately)… the horror show for years afterwards is the real tragedy. It figures no one in Japan took Yamamoto seriously enough… he was a military genius and knew exactly what it would take to win the war - and openly questioned if anyone else in command understood what was to happen.


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TBH I think you’re protecting yourself by blaming alcohol. It’s never an excuse - and you need to examine your own behaviors and thoughts without trying to shield it by blaming the booze. It’s clear you didn’t black out - so this is 100% on you regardless if booze made it easier to make a choice it sounds like you would take sober.