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The fools Journey they called it for the last 1000 years. For a 1000 years no one has had a wish granted and so what used to be a bustling town with people sleeping for a week along the road. Waiting their turn to get to the Genie.

Now the path was mostly empty and so when the protagonist approached the genie they found no line. "What do you wish?" "I wish" "sorry already been done" the protagonist cleared their throat "let me finish before you pass judgement" the genie shrugged "I wish to be the protagonist in a badly written short story on Reddit"

The genie didn't waste a second "So it is" writing down another wish they would never have to grant again.


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You should talk about it with her and that includes a conversation about what you both want and what you envision going forward with all your relationships and goals. For example I want to travel and I don't have any roots. So based on that your gf is not a good fit for me.

This is why you need these conversations