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> Oh yeah $650 a year in taxes for my 26 year old truck with all the rust holes in it from all the overused salt that destroys our water... $480 just to register it.. Just insane.

The roads cost what they cost. It doesn't matter what kind of rust bucket you're driving. Whether you're in a 40 y/o POS or in a brand new Model S Plaid, a pothole still costs the state the same to fix.


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I am friends with 4 teachers in my social circle. 3 of the 4 are currently pursuing different careers, with the 4th holding out until her student loans are forgiven after being in the field for X number of years or something.

They all echo the same things...

  • Kids are pieces of shit now
  • Parents think their pieces of shits can do no wrong
  • Just about anything you say or do to the student could end up costing the school in litigation expenses.
  • Pay is trash

(and this is in CT where things are supposedly better teaching-wise than in a lot of the nation).


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> Does burnt mold cause much harm? I feel like all my pot head friends would be sick some what often if it did but I'm not a doctor lol

Unless it's in crazy quantities, it doesn't do much unless you have certain underlying lung conditions or have mold allergies. The amount needed to actually make you ill would be evident just looking at the weed. It'd look terrible and you wouldn't want to smoke it just on looks alone.


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> This wasn’t a problem when you were getting it from “your guy”.

As someone who's been growing for close to 7 years now.... I promise you it was/is.

I guarantee you every person who has regularly purchased weed from dealers has consumed moldy weed many times over. Even in pristine growing conditions where I monitor tent conditions around the clock and keep a daily journal of my activities, I've gotten moldy plants. Sometimes the colas just grow way too big and there's no amount of airflow that will save you. If one of those buds breaks open in the tent or during trim, you get spores on everything. Those plants never make it into my lungs and are destined for the fireplace, but there's definitely plenty of it out in wild. Dealers intentionally sell heroin with fentanyl in it. Something tells me they don't give a fuck about a little mold, and they certainly aren't going to ditch a few pounds of grass in the name of public safety. .


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The owners of the property aren't anti-weed, they are anti-smoking. Like it or not, there is a difference. Smoking in the car is a stretch, but they're well within their right to not want smoke damage in their units.

You could fill your jars with edibles, your medicine cabinet with suppositories, and put tinctures in your bedside table and it wouldn't be a problem at all.


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This is how I got through 4 levels of Spanish in college.

The teachers weren't lying that it'd be easy to tell if you used Google translate. However, as long as you used the Spanish rules when writing what you wanted to have translated, it got pretty damn close. You have to know how to talk to the machine.


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> Insurance companies are taking advantage of a commonly held belief that some breeds of dogs are more dangerous

[Serious] How much more proof is needed when looking at how many people are sent to the hospital from a dog attacks each year, and of those how many are pitts?

The data is there.