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Reply to Ice cream truck by krizzqy

Last year at Porch Fest it was posted up right outside of one of the bigger "venues" blasting that cursed song while a poor band was trying to play


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>A recent report found that the Northeastern duo — better known as places where people repeatedly punch police horses and sling racial slurs at athletes — have the highest “informal helping rate” among 12 large metros.

>The report relies upon the Current Population Survey, conducted by the Census Bureau. Every other year, our friends at Census add a set of questions about volunteering and civic life to their superstar survey, which underlies such critical statistics as the nation’s unemployment rate.

>The question that drew us in, informal helping, asks how often in the past year you and your neighbors did “favors for each other such as house sitting, watching each other’s children, lending tools, and other things to help each other.”


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I am a big fan of architecture and generally speaking agree with the logic behind historical preservation. But this is dumb and a total waste of money. $1,000,000 from Chubb and all the future maintenance costs out of the Parks and Rec. budget...for what exactly? A single meeting room in Fairmount park? How about we maintain the existing mansions and centennial buildings in the park before adding more operational expenditures to the parks and rec budget?