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The neutron star passed near Solar system and destabilised orbits of all planets with its' abnormal gravity. Earth is now getting further and further from sun, going into the black outer space on spiral orbit.

Now it would get colder and darker, darker and colder every year, starting the worst ice age, and the last ice age - the Winter, That Won't End.


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Shit, I need to improve my English.

During archaeological diggings a piece of parchment was found. Becsuse it was wound on place of "special sweat-box", probably it was written by some special prisoner. Because it was signed by "Imperator Korenus", it was probably written by a man, known as "June-October usurper". So now at least name of this usurper is known.

And I thought that "I tried" is laconic in Roman style, alike the "And you, Brutus?" or "Memento mori". And also "I tried" finalises the way of failed emperor pretty good.


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The cell was as small as coffin - three steps long and two steps wide. Stone walls, thin window under the ceiling. We can imagine this dark room with straw pallet, night-chair and a tin bottle of water.

Here the emperor, chained and disgraced, wrote his last words. His reign was in the end of one of the civil wars, and he was referred in chronicles just as "June-October usurper". His reign lasted for more than month, so it was necessary to include at least some words about who he was and how he came to power.

But there was only "June-October usurper". No name, no mentioning in lists of rulers, that were carved on stone. So "June-October usurper" lost his fight so badly, that he was washed out of history.

"June-October usurper was torn apart by four horsemen, ending the age of civil wars".

During the last archaeological diggings on the Imperial Prison site scientists found this room. On the remaining plans it was named "special sweat-box".Thousands of years passed, and cement, that held stones of cell together, weakened. Under the one stone of floor a tiny secret cache was found.

Cache was small, but it was enough to hold a piece of parchment with words written by coal:

"I tried.

Imperator Korenus".