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OP, no disrespect meant, but seriously - why does your family/neighborhood want the umm... continue on and grow? With everyone so traumatized by it, why don't they just decide to take actions to end your bloodline, so to speak?


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I think what the other commenters are trying to say is that no one would have instantly jumped to that conclusion and felt "terror and fear" and " throw the book on the floor". They would have first thought about things that are much more likely explanations at first, and thought about the other stuff after those didn't pan out, so it really didn't make sense and felt much too far-fetched.


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Wow - that was a wild ride! Some people may want more, but imho it can take real talent to find the right balance between enough details for closure vs. managing to be suspenseful in very short stories. Yours manages it perfectly, and leaves you with an ominous dread. Very well done!