Phoenixstorm t1_j0rjbw7 wrote

Yes we know this rule. It's archaic and racist. we know people who have passed and broken off contact with family because they could pass for white and felt they had no choice if they wanted a better life free from racism.

It's similar to women in the past who pretended to be men and lived their entire lives as men to escape sexism and just be who they wanted to be.

they only way to stop this evil is for people to step up say something that means white people that means men. Of course when a system of oppression benefits you its hard to stop it.


Phoenixstorm t1_j0rivgi wrote

Gross. Racism is gross. People all over the world commit crimes. White people commit crimes. Black people commit crimes. Asians commit crimes. Brown people commit crimes. Stop racializing everything.

And stop trying to pit black americans against black immigrants. My family has been black american in this country since the 1600's and we have doctors, lawyers, teachers and engineers in our family for the last 200 years. So stfu.


Phoenixstorm t1_j0mtkad wrote

It's sad he didn't have family in his life to strengthen who he is. He can embrace all of his different sides: his black mother's culture, his father's japanese heritage, his stepfather's mexican culture. He can be all three at once. But lets be clear: America sees a black man.

america is a racist country.

I also get the sinking feeling he feels he must denigrate his black heritage to uplift his asian side. Gross. That's just as bad as when he hid is Asian roots. Just be who you are and live your truth. Yes it's hard but as a man in america who looks black you will be treated that way.

This country is designed to kill you in all sorts of ways white people don't even think about. Because it doesn't affect them.

I wish him well. It's hard to stand in your truth.