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For anyone who stumbles upon this instance or others, you did the correct thing. You should be skeptical because I immediately thought it was a scam from your description. Going to your known website, and not following and links or calling numbers sent to you unsolicitedly is the most secure move. Only thing would’ve been to call them directly from a number you can verify. Nicely done.


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As someone who bought their first house in 2020, I think you might be too late, unless you look small or further out in neighboring counties. I’m sure if you diligently shop maybe a gem appears but a small cape cod is probably what you could find in a good Pittsburgh suburb. Bridgeville, Canonsburg, butler, etc may be more the range for something decent


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Two Men and a Truck was the easiest. However though, I was surprised at the price of moving companies in general, since I’d never used one. May be best to shop around to really know what you’re getting into