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Replacement for sure. The og RE games have become unplayable to me, especially the move-or-shoot mechchanic. I can't stand it nor do I like the fixed camera like in the original 2 or 3. I think these remakes are absolutely amazing and have put new life into them. All of the remakes will be replacements to the old versions for me.


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Well, I've played the game a ton of times. I don't need a Wiki telling me what kind of game it is. Besides, the excerpt you chose doesn't really help your case.

>borrow concepts from the survival horror genre

It borrow concepts or uses ideas from that genre, but it doesn't make it a part of that genre.

Edit: I also want to point out that the wiki that you are trying to quote from, classifys it as an FPS game, not a survival horror.

You're cherry picking information.


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I mean, that's cool if that concept was in their minds when they developed it, but Bioshock isn't anywhere near survival horror. It's just misleading to people who read this and then go spend money on it.

Survival horror games are games like Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Amnesia, Soma, The Forest, etc.