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>Drugs and video games are poison

You must be a very fun person.

>I struggle with this life every day

I wonder why?

>wondering if I should not be more successful. Letting go of the drive for success is the hardest thing for a man

There it is, How to live a miserable life bingo! Work hard like a horse for some idea of success, and cling to your pride like it's making you alive!

>Eventually we will all end up in this kind of life, AI offers that escape after 100,000 years of brutal survival

Finally a statement that you made that I can actually agree with, well done.

>there are always those who want to limit the amount of people that make it

Assholes always existed. Its not a novel idea.

>no people on the beach makes it boring, a healthy number of people makes it a hot spot, but too many people makes it crowded.

Sure dude, you're the arbiter on what's boring or fun, your previous statements proved that.

>I suspect 90% of people won't make it.

I suspect that if 90% of people actually made it, you would lose it because you worked yourself to death for some abstract idea of success while others actually had time to relax and have fun.


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There are thousands of humans activities out there, why do you think that the future will only be diluted to video games and porn? If the future is truly automated then the economic liberation of every human will encourage us to explore the experiences that are prevented from us because of economic limitations.
Personally, Id would rather travel to Europe, Africa and Asia, eating plethora of cousins, Riding elephants, boats, jet planes and horses and screwing with locals. I think that's better than being stuck in my room, waiting for GTA-6 to come out and watching dull-repetitive porn videos.


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>Even though this is no longer who I am, my post reads this way because I used to be a very deep nihilist, and I can still draw from that place even though I no longer truly occupy it.

Okay and? Does it help anyone?

It doesn't.

>What if I told you that there is already profound, extraordinary beauty all around you? Heh.

True but it's not enough really, it's a hedonic thread Mill thing, if you lived in nature most of your life, you get desensitized by it's beauty.

Plus there's no way to replicate rdr2 in real life unless you want prison time. A good balance of Artistic experience and real life appreciation is needed.

>I feel more like I am making a tough pronouncement to those who pursue this technology religiously and expect to find something religious in something nonreligious.

And why does it matter? There's actual religions out there that are harming people. But here you are, shooting other people's hopes down for a better future.

It's an excuse to be an asshole and you know it.


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u/OldWorldRevival I am disappointed by this post.


Meaning itself is subjective, someone having a dinner with he's or her family is meaningful itself, You pushing your own subjective narrative that the universe is meaningless is quite authoritarian and dismissive of other people's meaning. And I hate when other's do that.


To be honest with you, as a teenager I saw transhumanism as a way for me to become stronger and smarter, it's basically an ego thing, but now as an adult, I see transhumanism as a way to liberate humanity from unnecessary suffering and unplanned death.

Stupidity and ignorance can cause unecessary suffering and therefore we should amplify our intelligence. But it's not just about survival and removing unecessary suffering, it's also about creating things beyond our wildest imaginations.

To revive our inner child's desire for wonder. To create an environment which all conscious beings are given a fair chance to truly live an amazing and great lives. Beyond diseases, beyond accidental deaths, beyond petty violence, beyond greed and corruption and evil.


Art is both philosophy and pleasure merging into a complex form of sensory and intellectual information.

When's the last time you watched a movie or played a single player video game and told yourself "what a masterpiece".

VR simulations will break the boundaries of art, and reality, and merge into something extraordinary and beautiful. A wealth of information as well a time for reflection in both reality and art.

VR is not as empty and void as you think it is.

My observation of you:

To be honest with you, you strike me as a "logic bro", You dismiss art, you dismiss social relationships, you dismiss emotions, and your inner child have long been suffocated by your impulsive need to reduce everything into predictable narrow categories and simplistic logical assumptions. You hate emotional reflections and you would rather dismiss your emotions rather than actually analyze, confront and entertain them so you shove them all down in favor of logic. Edit: which by the way, Causes, lack of empathy, lack of imagination, lack of creativity, lack of excitement, lack of hope and produces a narrow mindedness which in turn creates depressive mental traps like your own post.

I've been that logic bro before and it's not fun. It doesn't help anyone not even yourself. It's the death of the inner child and it's the emergence of nihilistic thinking.

Logic is not a tool to repress our humanity. Logic is a tool to amplify Us.


Be the agent of liberation and inspiration and not repression and discouragement.


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Or maybe people are just different than you.

Doesn't mean there's something wrong with the CirCuitRy in their brain.

People have different desires and different perspectives, and philosophies in life. And they should have the freedom to pursue those things without an authoritarian telling them what to do.


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>What would you discover when Ai has discovered everything?

That's assuming that the universe or the multiverse is finite and cannot grow into infinite complexity.

>what would you be working on when the cutting edge of science is at a point beyond human comprehension?

Another assumption is that humans will never augment themselves or upload their mind to the cloud.


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The argument from boredom is so weak and tired, Everyone who seriously consider that the universe with infinite possibilities and come with the conclusion that its boring, must come from a person with an extremely dry perspective in life with low imaginative capabilities and incredible knowledge deficiency.


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Luxury items are simply for pretentious people who created their identity as being above others... In other words, Narcissism and superiority complex. A post scarcity society will be the death of their identity and therefore they will be the ones who will lash out the most.

This is comparable to artists who lashed out because art is now democratized by AI... The social prestige of being an artist is now slowly slipping away.


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If you look at cities which are basically the future of humanity, you will see that humans who live in these environment are more individualistic, have a taste for novelty and unique experiences.. cities are more ethnically diverse as well as more multicultural and sometimes a culture merges with another culture, creating a unique culture and so on, doesn't seem like Borg-like to me.

I think it's more accurate to say that we will become more individualistic but also more connected. Through BCI's, we will have social media where we could upload our unique experiences, memories and emotions, creating an unprecedented level of empathy and understanding, as well as creativity and novelty.

So my answer is, Nah. But kinda.