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You can counter these negative feelings by deliberately re-reading passages, and the Table of Contents. When I really want to appreciate a work of non-fiction at least, I'll make sure to read everything; the prologue, forward and introduction, all the footnotes and end notes, the afterward, and even the Index. You can also take notes, pick some works from that book's own references if the topic is engaging, and looking for more alternatives by checking Amazon, archive.org, your library online, and other booksellers for more titles like it. The reviews can ba valuable too.

I have no idea what goodreads is for or why I would use it. Not going to change that either.


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If you made it through this, good job. It gets better with repeated readings.

In-Universe, I think this work is Bilbo's Tales From the Elvish (see Return of the King), as narrated by Elrond to Bilbo during his long sojourn as Elrond's guest. Possibly added to from Rivendell's archives. Can you imagine Bilbo's delight and satisfaction of having access to such a library?

Once you're comfortable with it, and assuming you read through LOTR Appendices, Unfinished Tales is very accessible and fun, and a big addition to the whole work.

Then you face a major decision: the twelve books of Unfinished Tales. This is a mighty undertaking, and at first confusing. Again, it might be regarded in-Universe as the scattered and collected legends of the deep past, from many sources, some outright contradicting each other.

Tolkien's absolute genius takes on a whole new level with this kind of approach. There is even more world building, including really detailed discussions of language, Tolkien's most awe-inspiring ability.


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>that structurally complex, modern-type rainforests may have been around as early as 80 million years ago.

Flowering plants arose at least as far back as 140 MA, the article's point is that such woody vines were around prior to the dinosaur's extinction.


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King James paid to have this version created. It took a large committee of experts several years to do this. It's one of the greatest accomplishments in literature.

Your comment is arrogant and asinine.