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This is an update to the story to the racist P.S. 166 Principal Debra Mastriano, who says she hates her Asian students (and seemingly all Asian people in general) and also took away multiple students' food for them simply being 'overweight'.

She has not been fired and is instead apparently being defended by a principal's union, as reported in the updated article.

This whole story is just crazy.


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I told you, quite clearly, who I support. It's up to you whether you want to believe that or not, but it should be quite clear based on my post history that I'm not some 1-month old account that exclusively posts in /r/conservative and doesn't live in New York City or even New York State.

I mentioned this in an earlier comment on another thread, but I did lurk in this subreddit quite a bit, and only now have really started participating due to the importance of this election. To be completely honest with you, I do plan on lurking here again after the election.


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Those were both the same NY Daily News article. I believed the original was automatically removed, for some reason, and tried to post the Yahoo article, which is just a summary of the same exact article (with credit given by Yahoo). I've tried contacting the moderators to see why it was removed and how to prevent it from happening next time, but no response yet.

Again, are you going to provide an argument for why you believe the policy of flooding the subway with cops is going to work, or will you just keep on attacking me and my post history?


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I am pro-Hochul. As I said previously, I don't think the plan to flood the subway with cops is going to work.

Just because I support someone doesn't mean I have to agree with every single one of their policies.

Again, I would rather you provide an argument for why this policy is going to work rather than just attacking me and the article itself.


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I'd love to know what "targeted campaign" I'm running here.

I post things that concern me and what I find interesting. If you don't like that I post those things, then you can feel free to block me.

I mostly post things that are pro-democracy. If that concerns you so much, then just say so. Obviously, I am also concerned about crime that occurs in the city where I live. However, I don't believe the new plan that will flood the subway with cops is a good solution.

Again, feel free to block me if it bothers you so much. However, I would rather you criticize the policy itself, and not just the person (me) who posts the article about the policy.