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I'm convalescing recovering from surgery (had masses removed from my abdomen) and the best part of my morning was my next dose of oxy haha. Ooof it hurts but I'm glad I finally got it done. Three weeks of recovery here we go!


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This is a common thing in NYC haha. I found doing tricks on walks help wear out my energetic dog. I have him "change" from side to side, weave between my legs, walk backwards, hop-touch my hands, chase treats a bit ahead. Maybe that could help?

I, too, am not a runner.


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Pit bulls are strong, so when they do attack they cause enough damage to make the news. They are no less or more likely to do so than any other breed. They just happen to be extremely efficient at our when they do attack.

Summary- all dogs need to be trained and leashed in any situation when they could be startled or triggered in some way.


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Just got back from being with the fam. We had a medical emergency right before Thanksgiving and ended up doing a buffet instead of cooking, which was stress-free but also no leftovers. I'm sad about the no leftovers today.

Anyways, going to work. Gunna be a big sale at work today so I'm expecting chaos. Boss always offers to buy us lunch on Saturdays though, so I don't need to worry about packing whatever I can dig out of the fridge/freezer.