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It's just annoying that you pretend that I'm making some outrageous claim when it's SUPER well documented. I'm not Russian, I'm an American citizen who OPPOSES WAR. I want our country to focus on our people and not creating and exacerbating conflict all over the planet like it's been doing my entire lifetime. https://imgur.com/a/meAl7rX


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I certainly don't mean to disparage all Ukrainians, that's not my goal. But Nazis are a proud part of the ukrainian government and military and they openly glorify nazi collaborators. There are hundreds and hundreds of images of Ukrainians soldiers with nazi tattoos, doing the nazi salute, etc. The entire world openly reported on this for years but now that the Russians use that as a justification for their invasion, everybody in the west is trying to pretend that the whole thing never happened.


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man has the audacity to send billions of our dollars to ukraine while there's so many homeless and impoverished people in our city. In the immortal words of Kamala Harris to desperate Latin americans seeking a better life, "Dont Come"