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Excuse making

Like I said, if he was serious about "cheerleading" Manchin on board, he could "cheerleaded" his DoJ to start investigating his kid for the Epipen thing as leverage on Manchin

President of USA had no power, are you listening to yourself? Why then was it so important to vote blue no matter who/against Trump?

Funny, when Trump is running, then the presidency is of VITAL IMPORTANTANCE but when Biden couldn't get jack shit passed through a dem congress, then he has NO POWER

Get real man


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I don't think they do.

It was a failed agenda that was publically destroyed by his own party. Everyone understood in 2020 before Biden took office that all roads led through Joe Manchin. That Biden The Senate Whisperer or whatever didn't sit down with him and Sinema week one and find out what they wanted to play ball is political malpractice. He totally failed to use any leverage, which he undoubtedly had

Executive orders seem a lot like laws when you are subject to them, I think you will find


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No, the rules which allow the procedural fillibuster are set by a simple majority, which the dems had in both houses. QED, they could have passed anything they wanted.

Dems love to tie themselves up in knots as some kind of auto-kinbaku and proclaim they are helpless, just helpless! The parliamentarian said we can't! etc

This is an ad for a TV show, sucker