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Ibogaine's method of action is much different than psychedelics and it really doesn't belong in that category. Proponents often call it an "oneiric," meaning dream-inducing.

It also has a published nominal death rate of 1 in 300. It can cause bradycardia and anyone with a heart condition should absolutely avoid it.


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What do you know that the world's space agencies don't? They have publicly expressed concern about space junk in LEO making some orbits, like those around 400 miles or so, unusable at some point in the future. Chinese and Russian ASAT tests have added thousands of pieces of debris. Just saying it's not an issue is not in the least convincing.


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You are very ill informed, eg. ignorant.

Do you know what a guidestar is? Do you know about adaptive optics?

Exoplanet hunting is very much done on the ground.

The black hole at the center of the Milky Way was discovered using telescopes in Hawaii. Won a Nobel Prize a few years ago.

And many many other recent discoveries.

SpaceX shills push this line and it is very much demonstrably false. Thousands of astronomers rely on ground based optical astronomy for their careers and they are extremely POed that a private company can ruin their work for profit.