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Stamford is exceedingly safe. But assaults happen everywhere. Listen to your gut, bring your phone with you, and consider carrying pepper spray. I bought a small canister on a Velcro strap that goes around my wrist from Amazon.


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If you are on city water, it is very good and very safe. I have a well and use salt to soften it, so we have a dispenser and buy water jugs from Home Depot, Acme or Grade A ShopRite.


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Not too long ago, restaurants were mysteriously burning down in Stamford and Greenwich. One in Stamford had occupied apartments above it and it burned overnight... terrifying. And the remains owner/chef of a Stamford restaurant were found in several plastic bags in nearby Bedford, NY.

The mob is still here. Different nationalities. But still mob.


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Actually unclear on how this comment ended up here, TBH. I posted it in response to someone else. Thank you for removing the unkind characterization you had originally included. Take care.