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To what end? A citizens arrest of a suspected home invader? A lynch mob? 50 anonymous tips to the cops because a guy walking down one of 50 streets in the Museum District or Fan fit the description?

I’m not trying to be insensitive to the victim here, but shit like this is how Reddit ruins lives.


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It’s a retail establishment. Go during hours, ask the person behind the counter if there’s a regularly scheduled campaign, find out how you can get in on it, or in on the next one.

There’s a back room/ area they use for tabletop gaming. Doubles as a DND lounge.

You could call the store and ask, but you stand a higher chance of being invited if you actually go in person.


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For every Y&I holding it down for their regulars, there’s a Hanes Mart not doing shit.

I don’t know if legislation against convenience stores is what we need, but there’s got to be some action based on the recognition that they serve as gathering spots for people who can’t or won’t go to bars, and the implications that that presents. What that looks like, I don’t know.


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I think what we’re seeing is more a return to pre-pandemic tourism norms. I don’t see a flood of 2021 NoVa remote workers accounting for 93,000 riders.

Like the first thing they all want to do after moving down here is… go back? I think no.


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On this subject does anyone know what happened to the woman who ran the Caribbean Grill cart at Cary & 10th? She had the best jerk chicken and plantains I’ve ever had.