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I never once said that, that's why I said that I spit on Hifiman build quality, it's genuinely terrible. I suppose my main mistake was saying "wouldn't" instead of "couldn't" in my most recent comment.


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I spit on Hifiman's build quality, but to be honest, in this case it probably wasn't their fault.

Planar magnetic headphones are generally more prone to damage from drops and such, than dynamic drivers. This is because the drivers are much thinner than traditional headphones.

Unfortunate that your's broke nonetheless, maybe consider a dynamic driver if durability is a concern. Don't really have any suggestions off the top of my head, the Meze109s are somewhat close to the XS IMO, but I prefer the XS ultimately, and they also cost more.


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We are talking 2.3db with ANC on, so it makes sense that you can't perceive it. Doesn't mean it's not there, but there is around a .5db increase in the noise floor of the ANC soft mode. Again, probably not audible, but could be why BingaBenga perceived a sound quality difference.


Of course, this is just one reviewer's sample. There is probably some unit variance as well.


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Would you like it if some big corporation started constructing wind turbines in your garden, before getting the proper permits to do so. Then after it's erected, a court ruling says it's illegal. But then nothing gets done about it in 500 days, and people say it should stay in your garden, because it's a nice wind turbine?

A wind farm in a nation that already produces 98% renewable energy, won't magically solve the climate crisis. Nor will letting corporations trample over citizens in pursuit of energy, save the planet.


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Sundara are great for 300 dollars, but they are lacking in certain aspects. Their soundstage is very strange, they seperate instruments well, and can image to some extent, but there is something unnatural about where exactly it positions sounds (for me anyway). They do lack some sub bass compared to other planars. And to me, their round earpads are plain uncomfortable.

But if you are happy, there is no reason to upgrade right away. I didn't get a straight upgrade until I bought some Meze109s for 900 dollars (Norway pricing, around $700 USD in normal countries). Edition XS is better overall, but that's more of something to consider for those who don't already own Sundaras.