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While that sentiment is healthy to have, it wouldn't apply to this scenario. The current stage logistics make it virtually impossible to carry out such a mission. Especially one that would be measured in centuries, forcing future scientists to have to interface with technology 150+ years outdated, obsolete, and defunct.


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You and your children, will have been dead for centuries before this asteroid closes our orbit.

Also might be worth noting this "planet killer" is said to be 1km in diameter. Which with appropriate kinetic force is equivalent to about 1k Tsar Bomba detonations. Or enough potential energy to destroy the entirety of NYC up to Newburg and down into Hamilton Township. Environmental impact would be devastating but I wouldn't call this an extinction level event.

When these news articles start using phases like "Chicxulub" and "in our life time" then it's time to start opening the good wine.