PingouinMalin t1_jdjmjni wrote

17 year old me tried to save a young kid from big waves by going in. Caught his hand, tried to pull him towards me thinking he'd be good, then a wave promptly separated us, was swept on the beach and there was nothing I could do about it.

Kid was saved moments later by pro rescuers. Big respect for them cause man, it's effing hard.


PingouinMalin t1_j2mllcn wrote

I've known loneliness and it was a fucking dark path indeed. Thinking about suicide very often, being depressed all the time, it's utterly destructive. I still bear many scars from that time.

Having some alone time can be great. Being lonely ? Not so much.


PingouinMalin t1_j1dzo78 wrote

It doesn't mean they'd be worse either. Seriously, let people cry over shit. Saying people to relativise all the time is toxic. Not motivating


PingouinMalin t1_ivthdfy wrote

Ah yeah, the good old "internalize your feelings, be strong, never weak, keep positive".

Then one day after all this positivity, you end in ER after a major mental breakdown.

Litterally fuck that. Bad things happen, people get hurt, they should never be ashamed of showing weakness or despair. It's a normal answer to some punches life delivers.

It's litterally "you're unhappy ? Stop."