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Well the tunnel proposal was to extend NY135 from Oyster Bay to the I287 in Port Chester, nowhere near Calverton, NY and also not even connected to CT.

Southbound traffic from I95 from CT to NJ through Queens/Long Island is unlikely to relieve much congestion for anyone since all the LIE/BQE/Belt Pkwy is already near capacity anyway.


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Reply to comment by Other_World in 9th Ave redesign by MichaelRahmani

Partly the cost and also because it's sort of a temporary measure, like a painted curb extension. There are some curb extensions that are upgraded to full concrete pavements after they've proved successful.


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You need to have a parking lane for curbside deliveries / service vehicles at the very least or cargo trucks will end up blocking the travel lane. That implies that parking is restricted to commercial vehicles only.


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The Metro North and Amtrak owned Hudson River lines are not suitable for higher speed rail. They currently have a max speed of around 80 mph due to how curved the track is

It's also a bit premature considering we don't even have electrified rail service on the LIRR east of Ronkonkoma and Babylon