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All I know is that it's super small and it's designed for working adults. With most of those types of programs, you are going to get out what you can put into it; they can't hold your hand like a traditional undergraduate program.


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I know what you’re saying but I don’t think they’ll get one legit question about the governance structure. Also they’re not going to listen to our electeds when they point out that easy access to guns is driving a ton of the violence. I get that it’s just one more finger to point but it’s ridiculous to have so many guns flowing into our city.


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Amen. The difference between sitting in a line of cars around the block for five+ hours to get inspected vs. the four minutes it takes today is almost too much to believe. The DMV and inspection station have had a remarkable improvement and deserve a ton of credit.


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Others have answered well but I will add that Democratic presidents actually go out in DC. They eat at restaurants, go to plays, games, do press events at DC schools, etc, so there is a slight chance you’ll cross paths with them. I met Joe and Jill at a vaccination drive, for example.

I think the fascist one only went out to eat once in four years and it was to his own dumbass hotel.


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Is this the olden days of your younger, cooler, more confident self before you started spending hours per day on NextDoor and Twitter obsessing over crime?


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My advice is that this sort of thing is much easier when you’re earlier in your life journey and career. It’s fun in some ways but the travel will wear on you. I spent a few years flying in and out of different cities for meetings and the logistics are very difficult. I am very glad I don’t do that anymore. That said, you get to experience two cities with the same job.

I have had colleagues with similar arrangements and they seemed to be constantly coordinating pet sitters, child care, but if that’s not where you are, that’s not an issue. Being out of town a lot is hard on your partner, kids and pets.

I would push a little bit to see what the job flexibilities are, like if you could do one week in person, three at home and stuff like that. I’m sure they have other employees doing similar things.

Regarding plane or train, I would personally take the Acela because you can walk around en route, the internet is ok so you can do work (but not video calls), and don’t have to check bags. You walk on, walk off. The airport is a drag and it’s a lot of logistics just to get from the airport in NYC to your office.

Good luck!